Paradigms unlimited

This heading identifies some those self-refuting “suicidal” statements that constitute one of the most consistent accomplishments in the history of mankind.  (The examples I cite have been fully plagiarized from my own past experience and study.  The reader will note that if you acknowledge plagiarism, it disappears, by definition. It is then merely an innocent unattributed quote, as these are.  Please note that these bracketed comments are at home in this column, even though they are original and not plagiarized at all.)

  1. “There is no truth.”      Is that true?
  2. “There are no absolutes.”      Is this an absolute?   It is stated as such!
  3. “You can’t know anything for sure.”     Surely you know that!
  4. “All truth is relative.”        Relatively speaking, of course!
  5. “Talking about God is meaningless.”      Does this language reference God?
  6. “You can’t prove anything.”     The proof of this must be “in the pudding”
  7. “Observation is the only way to determine truth.”    This can be observed from what frame of reference?
  8. “You shouldn’t make moral judgements.”     Shouldn’t?  Is that your moral judgement?
  9. The “Star Trek” “Prime Directive” goes something like this;  “Don’t interfere with another culture’s morality because all cultural values are equally valid.”     What if my culture disagrees with this?  Are my culture’s values invalid?
  10. In the West we have what is called the philosophical “law of non-contradiction,”  which can stated as “(A) cannot be (non-A) at the same time and place.”  Some Eastern philosophers have rejected this, saying; “Why are you bothered by contradictions, the world is full of contradictions, all contradictory notions are equally true!”  It follows then that; “If all contradictory notions are equally true, then the notion that not all contradictory notions are equally true, is equally true

These are a few that come to mind  Feel free to add to them or comment.